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Water D.O.G.
Water D.O.G.

“My wife and I were very excited to move into our house; however, we were extremely disappointed with the quality of water. We had a water softener installed, which eliminated the iron issues within the household, but we still had the “rotten egg” smell and our outside sprinkler system stained the rock and trees. We called around, discovering that most water treatment companies had two to three systems that required a lot of maintenance and were not environmentally friendly. We then called Albrecht Companies, where we were introduced to the Water Dog System. The owner, Dwayne, took the time to explain how the system was designed and how it would incorporate into our water usage and existing softener. After reviewing the material, we decided to have one installed. Our sprinkler system is clean, we no longer have the rotten egg smell, and we have cut down on the amount of salt we need for our softener. The systems is extremely self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. Like many, we have started to taken our water quality serious because of our new son and recent landscaping project,”