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Water D.O.G.
Water D.O.G.

Water D.O.G. Iron Hunter HD

WATER D.O.G. WORKS introduces the Iron Hunter HD, the industry's first home water treatment system providing complete oxidation of iron, in real-time, for complete removal.
Do you have iron staining and hard water problems in your home? Does your exterior landscape look rusted and stained? Albrecht Company can install a Water D.O.G. system for you. This system has no pumps, compressors or injectors and is very low maintenance. It uses no chemicals so it won't harm the environment. The Water D.O.G. will eliminate 100% of iron, guaranteed. Please contact us if you would like a no obligation consultation to free yourself from iron stains forever, 651-633-4510.

For technical information about the system see the data sheet.

Here is an article explaining how the Water D.O.G. system works and what it does for your water.

Testimonials are here.
Informational Video about
Water D.O.G.
about 7 minutes long.