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FlowTech Valves
After significant feedback from our customers, we have learned that scheduling service appointments for irrigation systems can be a problem. When your irrigation system needs service such as repairs, winterizations and system start ups, finding time in your schedule to have a technician come to your house when you are available is difficult. Albrecht Company offers technology that can be used in conjunction with irrigation service such as repairs, winterizations and system start ups, and allow us to keep costs in line and be flexible with our customerís lifestyle. After all, irrigation systems allow you to water the lawn simply, easily and without hassle. Flowtech Contractor Automatic Valve (CAV) Controller and Remote Sprinkler Shut-off Valves can be added to your existing system and allow technicians to service your irrigation system without having to inconveniencing you. Technicians are able to turn system water on and off without having to enter the home. Therefore all service, repairs, system start ups, or winterizations, can be performed outside your home without you needing to be there. If you would like more information regarding FlowTech systems please contact our office at 651-633-4510 or send us an e-mail.
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