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Acclima Systems
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You can have a lush, green lawn and be environmentally responsible at the same time. We are taking steps to become green leaders in our field. Landscapes are routinely over-watered by 30 to 300%. We offer absolute moisture systems that water the lawn only when required by the turf. There is no excess runoff or wasted water. Additionally we use permeable pavers to help driveways and parking areas to avoid excess runoff of water. This allows for water, energy and cost savings. Any reduction in over-watering lowers the damaging environmental effects of runoff, which transports landscape chemicals and other contaminants into the local water supply. We are active in assisting companies and residential landscapes achieve LEED Certification which significantly enhances the properties’ profile and market value.
Conserve water our planet's most important resource by installing an Acclima Closed Loop® Irrigation System.
Save up to 40% on your irrigation water bill.
Acclima Closed Loop Irrigation Systems controller technical information.
Acclima Digital TDT sensor technical information.